Commissions and Past Paintings

If you are interested in commissioning a specific painting or wood burning please get in touch and we can discuss the subject matter and the size of the canvas or wooden board you would be interested in.

  • Commissioned Paintings
  • Sold: Original Acrylic Paintings
  • Past Paintings & Gifts
Commissioned Paintings
Snuggling Among the Succulents
Renewed -- Sunset Bliss -- Peaceful Stroll -- Approaching Winter
Peaceful Evening Ripples
Scanning the Stillness
Connecting Links and Time
Dusting Off the Memories
Trillium Woods
My Happy Place
Old Paint Turning Furrows
Lord of the Fields
Joyful Visitor
Sadie's New Playground
A Mother's Love
Max ... In My Heart
Meka's Dog Days of Summer 2018
Working At Richardson's Farm and Market
JD Puller
Joyful Traditions
Sunlit Stroll
Natalie's Giraffe
Sunlit Solitude on McDonald Lake
Sunlit Solitude on McDonald Lake
A Winter Wonderland on McCauley Lake
Dancing in the Field
Comet Neowise over Comber-August 2020

Sold: Original Acrylic Paintings


A Wintry Gaze
Watchful and Wise

Hope Remains

Quiet Contemplation
You Are My Sunshine

Momentary Delight

Sweet Abundance
Site 3

Serene Succulents

An Attentive Messenger
Make a Wish

Winter Warbler

Signs of Spring
Snow Covered Serenity

A Cheery Visitor

Peaceful Nightfall
Autumn Leaves


The Meeting Place
Pristine Petals

A Joyful Offering

Provincial Pride
Hovering For the Moment

Sunlit Trail

Magnolia Bloom #1 -- Magnolia Bloom #2
Tucked Away In the Woods

Along the Shore

Petals of Purple
The Resting Place

Sunlit Foliage

Gazing at the Horizon
Winter Visit


Guided By Light
Beach Bliss

Treetop Dining

Early Winter Thaw
Matriarch Musings

Ready For Harvest

Tropical Silhouette
Got Any Grapes?


Antique Glass #1
Mountain Dwelling

Seaside Living

January Flurries
Local Development

We got your back

Anticipated Visitor (2 foot paddle)

Past Paintings & Gifts

Grandma's Rose

Vespers Point

A Graceful Landing

Pelee Memories

Rocky Shores

Heaven On Earth


Evening Solitude

New Beginnings

Algonquin Memories

Memories of an Idyllic Scottish View

Just Around the Bend

Lyra's Snuggles

Felix's Glee

Autumn's Arrival

Chickadees At Home

Lyra's Puzzle

Felix's Puzzle

Frost Effects

You Matter